Monday, May 10, 2010

Haunted by JADE DREAMS

Some authors have the ability to work on multiple writing projects at one time, but not me. I don’t have that skill. Once I start a story, I concentrate on it from beginning to end. That’s not counting pictures or stray ideas for new stories that come my way. I’ll file those in my Ideas notebook and continue on.

As Barbara Clark, I had written three contemporary romances and five books in my paranormal romance series, Sons of Earth and Wind. Jade Dreams, Book VI in the series, broke the pattern.

I had written the first few chapters, then, “Life,” interfered requiring all my attention. When things were resolved, I’d lost the flow of the story and enthusiasm about telling it.

So, I put Jade Dreams aside and began writing science fiction and fantasy paranormal erotic romance under a new pseudonym, April Reid. However, while I was researching and writing one novel, a short story, and five novellas as April, I kept coming across pictures and notes reminding me about Jade Starr and Ash Hunter. As I drove along the freeways here in Southern California, or along highway 101 paralleling the Pacific Ocean and into the coastal range, I recalled scenes from Jade Dreams I’d already written or planned to write.

During that time, I received a few emails from readers asking if Jade’s story was finished.

Time passed. Then in 2009, a reviewer emailed me to ask about the book and I realized it was time to finish telling the story.

To help me get back in the flow of the story, I compiled the completed chapters into one file and put it on my Kindle ebook reader to experience the story as someone reading it instead of the one plotting and writing it. The story came alive for me. I was ready to tell Jade and Hunter’s story with more understanding and depth than I’d had when I’d written the opening lines.

Here’s the description:

Sons of Earth and Wind, BookVI; Jade Dreams

By Barbara Clark

ISBN: 978-1-60272-637-6 (Electronic)

ISBN: 978-1-60272-812-7 (Print)

Jewelry designer, Jade Starr’s paranormal gift to set emotions in metals and gems has made her the target of a powerful and ruthless enemy bent on revenge. Two years earlier, that same enemy had sent his men to ambush her and her bodyguard, Blake. Unknown to Jade, Blake was really Ash Hunter working undercover.

Hunter, whose appearance has been changed by life-saving surgery, can’t remember the months leading up to the attack, including his deep attraction to Jade. Now he’s assigned, once more as her bodyguard. Lately, he’s disturbed by dreams about a woman, resembling Jade, who once betrayed him.

Jade, who thinks Blake died, is startled by Hunter’s eerie resemblance to Blake. She learns the truth but is forced to keep the knowledge a secret while her love for him flares higher.

As danger tightens around them, Hunter fights his attraction to this woman he believes had tried to kill him. He’d take a bullet for Jade, but he doesn’t trust her.


Here’s what The reviewer for Romantic Times Book Reviews said:

4 Stars, HOT

If novels with psychic characters and plenty of action and romance are your thing, then this one, Sons of Earth and Wind, Book VI, is for you. Clark wows the reader with action that just won’t stop, but tempers it with plenty of red hot romance set in a world of gems and jewels.

SUMMARY: Jade Starr makes wonderful jewelry and carvings from beautiful jewels she infuses with well-being and healthy thoughts, thanks to her psychic ability. Ready to rejoin the real world after losing the love of her life two years ago during a robbery, Jade learns she is the likely target for the Golden Dragon cartel, so she reluctantly agrees to a bodyguard.

Enter Ash Hunter, a strong, handsome man who bears an unsettling resemblance to her deceased fiancé, Blake. It doesn’t take Jade long to realize that Blake and Ash are the same person and that Ash doesn’t remember Jade or their time together. Ash, for his part, doesn’t believe in psychics, no matter how beautiful. While waiting for the right time to convince Ash of their past, the two grow closer. The question is, can their love survive?

Reviewer: Cindy Himler

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