Monday, October 30, 2006

Ravenstar Recommended!

I just received this review of Ravenstar's Bride. I was thrilled to have gotten a Recommended read from Fallen Angels!

Five Angels! A Recommended Read... , Jennifer Colgan’s, Ravenstar’s Bride is a treat... I could not put it down. Ms. Colgan’s skill keeps readers engaged and delighted throughout the entire story. I am hoping this is not the last story we will see with the Istrians. Truly well done. – Amanda, Fallen Angel Reviews

Here's a short excerpt from Ravenstar's Bride:

* * * *

Her hair was the color of sunshine, but the cut was shaggy as though she’d chopped at it herself. An uneven fringe hung over her brows and as he watched, she ceased rubbing her thighs and swiped at the hair. The movement revealed another questionable mark on her right forearm and Bren felt his gut clench. She’d been abused in some way, a common fate among the dock runners. Yet somehow, she just didn’t seem the type who would sell her body for a living and accept the physical abuse that came hand in hand with such an unfortunate life.

Despite her disheveled appearance, this one was no dock runner, of that Bren was now certain. There was something about her, a dignity that touched him. He tried to ignore the strange sensation that settled beneath his sternum when their eyes met. She was, nevertheless, a stowaway, and she had no business on his ship.

His job had just become more difficult.

Determined to treat her as he would any other stowaway, he steeled himself and hit the control to open the transparent inner door of the cell. She jumped back as the clear barrier slid sideways and though she held her ground then as he stepped over the threshold into the cell, he saw the apprehension in her eyes. It was his choice now, to intimidate her properly and send her on her way before Ravenstar was too far out of orbit to safely to shuttle her back to the surface. Or, he could find some excuse to grant her dubious request for asylum just to keep her around long enough to learn her secrets. It was a difficult decision made more so by her reaction to his arrival.

She looked up at him, her chin canted defiantly. She lowered dark lashes over her sapphire eyes and attempted a come-hither smile through the discomfort of her swollen lip.

“You are the captain, I presume?”

Bren regarded her skeptically. What is this little one playing at? he asked himself. “You presume correctly.”

“Good. Then shall we negotiate, Captain? I’m in need of asylum, and I will do anything to secure it. Anything.”

* * * *

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