Monday, August 07, 2006

What's on the Horizon?

Welcome to the Amber Quill Press blog! I was wondering what everyone has in store for us in the coming months at Amber Quill Press.

My Science Fiction Romance Ravenstar's Bride is scheduled for release in September. Here's the blurb:

Princess Ra’Nara Lumina, destined for the throne of Cadeia, has fled her privileged life to escape the dark destiny that awaits her. Slated to be bred with her cruel cousin, Cleus Antioch, she can expect most of her children to die of a genetic illness borne in the genes of the royal family. To save her unborn heirs, she leaves the palace, but as long as she remains untouched by a man, she is still eligible to rule. Pursued by the ruthless Chancellor Kossa, who will do anything to see that succession of the throne is unbroken, Ra’Nara must find a man willing to claim her as his wife.

Istrian Merchant Captain Ravenstar Bren finds himself with a strange dilemma. To save the princess and the lives of her as yet unconceived offspring, he must claim her as his bride, but can he convince the proud people of his nomadic nation to accept a ‘land-born’ as the wife of their sovereign?

And a short unedited excerpt from Ravenstar's Bride by Jennifer Colgan:

Chapter One

Ra’Nara shivered and pulled her worn cloak closer around her shoulders. The rough fabric afforded little warmth, but its dark color helped keep her hidden amid the supply crates and grain sacks piled on Cadeia’s space dock. Her legs ached from crouching in the shadows all afternoon and her stomach rumbled. Relief quickly replaced her exhaustion however when she saw the familiar hooded figure of Je’Nilla approaching from the main thoroughfare of the traders’ bazaar.

“It is done, Your Grace,” Je’Nilla whispered as she ducked behind the mountain of cargo. “Please let me come with you.”

Ra’Nara took the young girl’s hand in her own and squeezed. “You can’t, Je’Nilla. If we’re captured, I will be punished, but you could be killed. You’re better off here. Go home now, and forget everything we’ve done today. Now, which ship is it?”

Je’Nilla’s dark eyes brimmed. “The Istrian vessel,” she replied. She paused to wipe at her eyes with trembling fingers. “The dock hands will create a disturbance so you can slip into the hold.”

Ra’Nara nodded. The Istrians were a proud, nomadic people, welcomed on Cadeia and countless other worlds because of their honesty in trade. They would deal with a stowaway fairly, or at least she hoped they would. She had few other choices today, since the bazaar was almost over for the season and most of the largest trade ships had left port already. The Istrians often stayed the longest and made the most profitable trades with other merchants seeking to empty their holds for the long journeys back to their home worlds.

Ra’Nara hesitated while a surly group of dockhands lumbered by, carrying huge bolts of vibrant silks through the narrow alleyway. When they’d passed, Je’Nilla thrust a small cloth pouch into her cold fingers. “Take this, Your Grace. A few dral may save you from having to barter for your passage.”

Ra’Nara clutched the bag. She felt the filigreed edges of the large Cadeian coins within, but the weight in her hand was far from reassuring. This small handful of currency wouldn’t get her very far on Cadeia. In space, it would be practically useless. She had one thing of value to barter with. If used at the proper time, her only asset might not only buy her passage to safety, it would save her from the terrible fate that awaited her on Cadeia.

“Thank you, Je’Nilla,” she said quietly. “You’ve already risked too much to help me. You must go now.”

The girl nodded and pinched the fabric of her hood closed to hide her pretty features. Though not as recognizable as Ra’Nara, Je’Nilla would have to take care not to be seen by any of the palace guards on her way home.

“Be safe, Your Grace,” she said and grasped Ra’Nara’s hands once more. “I shall pray that we meet again.”


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